How Are Online Casinos Able to Survive the Competition?

Gambling, whether land-based at MGM Grand or virtual at Online Spilleautomater, is an industry that entails so much competition. Because of this, casinos have to use efficient marketing techniques to draw gamblers to play at their casino. In the case of land-based casinos, rewards and freebies are given to both new and loyal customers. Free hotel accommodation, treats to a luxury restaurant, and other gift coupons are offered. This is how they try to gain and maintain players.

Compared with physical casinos, online casinos experience closer rivalry against each other. More often than not, land-based casinos are quite far from each other geographically, with the exception of Las Vegas and Macau. Meanwhile, all online casinos can be visited anytime and anywhere. This is why competition among online casinos is tougher than the physical ones. With this kind of competition, how are online casinos able to survive?

It is casino bonus that has made online casinos survive the race. History reveals that Jack, the owner of what was popularly known before as Golden Palace Casino found himself being in a strict competition with Odds On Gaming Software. Odds On is the operator of recognized brands such as Super Slots, English Harbour Casino, and many others back then. To have more leverage than Odds On, Jack thought of incentivizing the players through offering them casino bonuses. From then on, Golden Palace Casino have attracted a number of gamblers to play at their casino. Many other online casinos have used this strategy to entice new gamblers and also to retain their existing members.

A player may receive a casino bonus for creating an online gaming account, for making a deposit, or for playing games. Depending on the type of casino bonus, a player may be asked to place a bet first, or accumulate a certain number of points before gaining any bonus. Casino bonuses are found to be an effective tool to drive players and make them play more casino games.

Some people may think that offering casino bonuses would actually make online casinos spend than earn money because they are providing a supposedly paid service for free. In reality, online casinos gain a reasonable amount of money from casino bonuses. It is because there are kinds of casino bonuses such as the Deposit Bonus that require players to wager a certain amount of money before getting the bonus. There are also casino bonuses which are offered only to VIP players. A player may only reach the VIP level if he was able to gather needed points through constant playing.