The best gifts to giveaway

Corporate giveaways in Dubai are one of the best marketing techniques that can perform the dual job of gifting your winners and also developing their attention to your brand. Giveaways are an effective marketing technique that can help to:  

  • Boost your website traffic
  • Develop your brand’s image
  • Receive customer reviews
  • Increase your brand’s social media followers

Therefore, you should design your next giveaway with the best prices. Picking the right price that is within the affordability range and is a true gift for your winners. Searching for a gift that can mark tick all those boxes, can be a tough job therefore, we have brought you the list of the best corporate giveaways in Dubai.

Teddy Bears

If your brands have many young customers or if your brand is about gifts then Teddy Bear is the best choice to go with. You can give away a cute plush teddy bear. You can also make a teddy bear customized, having a tag of your brand’s name.

2. Cup & Mugs

A classic item for a giveaway. People are in never-ending love of coffee and good mugs are just perfect for them. You can print your logo or inspiring quotes or a meme on your mug to give it a touch of your brand image.

3. Gift Cards

This type of corporate giveaway gift is perfect if you are marketing an e-commerce brand and want to boost sales. You can give these gift cards to your loyal customers with a discount or buy one get free offers which will urge them to add more items to their bucket.

4. Chocolates

Chocolates and cookies can be a sweet giveaway for your customers if you own a restaurant or bakery. You can also collaborate with a food brand that is interested in joint giveaways. You can design a basket or add a thank-you card from your brand as well.

5. Stickers

A new and funky idea for giveaway gifts is the sticker. You can customize your stickers as per your customers’ taste and give it away to them. From memes to famous movie dialogue, you can print it with your brand’s logo. These bumpers and stickers also come in handy for promoting your company. These stickers are affordable which means you can get it printed in bulk at a minimum cost. 

6. Books and notebooks

Books are the best price for giveaways. A good book can educate and entertain your customers for a long time, hence they will always remember your brand’s name. You can also customize notebooks with your brand’s logo or slogan. You can also find a binding machine in Dubai that can help you get your notebooks at a minimum prize.