Things you need to know before travelling to Montenegro

Montenegro is the new travel destination for visitors because of its several visiting places and beautiful scenes. If you are living in Dubai then you can also go for Dominica citizenship Dubai as it is also the best option to live in. Montenegro offers multiple Visas, now you can also get Montenegro citizenship by investment. But before travelling to Montenegro there are few important things that you need to know.

Incredible scenery: Montenegro is occupied with several mountains and valleys due to which it has incredible scenery. It is also known as “land of mountains”. It is considered as the stunning summer destination because of its sun-drenched beaches. The word “Montenegro” depicts “black mountains”. There are total 117 beaches in Montenegro, some of them are rocky ones, some of them are sandy ones and some of them are glorious pink pebble ones.

Bird Watcher’s Paradise: It is considered as one of the biggest bird reserves in the world in Europe. You can find there almost 270 bird species and it is considered as one of the most vital places for the migration of birds.

Vast eating culture: You can find variety in eating culture of Montenegro. You can find a lot of breakfast places there. But it not vegetarian friendly country so you will find a lot of sea food there. The food in Montenegro is extremely delicious but you will find sea food frequently there.

Cheaper than other countries: The best thing about Montenegro is that it is cheaper than other European countries so it will value your money. It is located in the Southern Europe which is considered as the best geographic location and it makes it less expensive than other countries.

Best country for outdoor activities: About 80% of Montenegro is occupied with mountains so you can continue your outdoor activities there too such as hiking. There are around 60 hiking tracks in Montenegro. It is considered as one of the best countries for adventure lovers and sports persons.

Parks and other visiting places: You can see a lot of parks and visiting places there. Lovcen National park, Durmitor national park and Ostrog Monasery are the most famous parks in Montenegro.

Easy visa formalities: The legal formalities of Montenegro are easier than other countries. If you are living in UAE and have its valid passport then you will get visa on arrival. But you must have your passport valid for 90 days too.